The Comet was designed by C. Lowndes Johnson as a trailerable version of the Star. The design combines a 16 foot hard chine planing hull with a classic sloop rig. Her light weight (260 lbs.), generous sail area (140 sq. ft.) and semi-flat bottom, make her easily driven to weather and can be planned off the wind in breezes of only 10 to 12 knots. The Comet carries a sloop rig (mainsail and jib), the mast stands twenty feet five inches above the deck and is supported by a fully adjustable three stay rig. The hulls feature watertight side tanks and false bottoms which are self-bailing in the event of a capsize. The boat has evolved greatly since 1932 and has kept pace with the times. The modern Comet sports "Go Fasts" such as vang sheeting, mast benders and depending on the skipper's appetite for complexity, ball bearing travelers, and magic boxes for mast rake control. All sail adjustments may be placed on the cockpit coaming, to be at fingertip control from a fully hiked position.

The boat carries a crew of two for racing, making it ideal for husband and wife or parent and child teams, yet it can hold three adults for pleasure sailing. The boat is easily trailered, rigged and launched. Even more importantly, the Comet is one of the most affordable one-designs in its class.