• LOA16 ft
  • Beam5 ft
  • Draft (boards up)6 in.
  • Draft (boards down)3 ft


  • Total Sail Area140 ft²


  • Vacuum Resin infused deck and hull
  • Fully cored hull and deck with ½” Core-Cell foam used throughout
  • Durable and long lasting Vinyl-Ester resin used throughout
  • Stacked unidirectional fibers for improved strength and reduced weight
  • All aspects of the boat built to withstand the toughest sailing environment
  • Boat is built to strict One-Design Class rules
  • Durable fore and aft deck construction with all exposed joints eliminated
  • Sliding Chainplate bulkheads installed and additional reinforcements for added strength
  • Structural supporting grid installed between hull and the cockpit floor ( double bottom floor)
  • Self bailing cockpit with integral cockpit bailer
  • Structurally integrated centerboard trunk for added strength and load distribution
  • Reinforced transom with through bolted custom gudgeons installed.