Whitecap Composites uses the latest composite manufacturing technologies to create high-performing structures for the most demanding applications.

Why composites?

  • Composites are light in weight compared to most woods and metals
  • Composites can be designed to be much stronger than steel
  • Composites are resistant to harsh weather and chemicals
  • Composites can be made to absorb impacts or the blast from an explosion
  • Composites can be easily molded into complicated shapes
  • A single composite piece can replace an entire assembly of metal parts
  • Composites can retain their shape or size in temperature and moisture
  • Composites are not magnetic, so they can be used around sensitive electrical equipment
  • Composites don’t block radar signals, making them ideal for places where radar equipment is operating
  • Composites are good insulators because they don’t easily conduct heat or cold
  • Structures made of composites have a long life and require little maintenance