Whitecap Composites is well equipped to handle custom fabrication projects of an array of scales. Whether you’re looking to modify an existing structure, or are looking to build a one-off project based on architectural drawings, we are here to support you. Experienced carpenters and laminators ensure an efficient and extraordinary build process. All work can be done on or off site by qualified technicians


  • Fiberglass pipe repairs
  • Fiberglass tank repairs
  • Fiberglass lining repairs


  • New tank and basin linings
    • Modular construction available to assemble in confined spaces
    • Off site fabrication ensures rapid onsite installation
  • New pipe installation
  • Manhole lining and isolation
  • Fiberglass wall and floor coverings
    • Seals substructure
    • Easy to clean surface
    • Impervious to most chemicals
    • Impact resistant