Composite Aquaculture Tanks

One Piece Mold Tanks

Whitecap Composites will engineer and manufacture both standard size fiberglass tanks and also custom configured tanks to your exact specifications.

Most tanks are fabricated from a one piece mold. However, should the size of the tank be too large to economically ship, it can be constructed in multiple sections with adjoining structural flanges to be field assembled. Depending on the specific application, specified features can be incorporated into any tank that we manufacture. The thickness of the tank will be determined by the specified load to be placed in the tank. There are many color choices available for both the interior and exterior of the tank.

Optional exterior insulation can be installed on the tank, encased in additional layers of fiberglass.

Most tanks are built to order. If your application requires a size we do not currently manufacture we can make a mold and produce tanks to your specifications.

We manufacture all of our tanks using premium vinyl-ester resins, which are not susceptible to water damage in the way that poly-ester resins are. All of our gel coats, resins and fiberglass laminate materials are FDA approved.

All of our fiberglass tanks and components can be hand laid or vacuum resin infused. While hand laid components are more cost effective, resin infusion eliminates the potential for air voids within the laminate and results in a stronger and longer lasting component.

Where walls exceed 24” in height structural foam is used to prevent bowing and to help maintain the shape of the tank.

Composite Panel Tanks

Similar to our one piece tanks, we can also provide modular tanks should your capacity requirements increase in the future for a given tank. The walls of our tanks can be slightly angled to facilitate the stacking of sections for ease of shipping.

Custom Work

Our staff has the experience to engineer your custom fiberglass project from conception to completion. We utilize both CAD and CNC tools to be as accurate and precise as possible. We also employ sophisticated software to help us select the exact laminate schedule that your products may require to ensure durability and longevity.

In the world of composites, the final part is only ever as good as the mold used to manufacture it. In order to ensure maximum quality, Whitecap Composites employs experienced plug and mold builders. Care and patience are necessary to produce a perfect mold which can be used to manufacture hundreds of parts with minimal upkeep. Some of the biggest challenges in the composites world are creating consistent structures which can perform to a specific level without becoming overly costly to manufacture.