Repair Benefit

Ease of repairs on Cored Laminates

Another incidental benefit of thicker cored laminates is the ease with which you can repair it. With thinner cores or single skin laminates, a successful repair requires you to provide a backing place or laminate from the inside of the damaged area (not always easily accessible), or resolve to have a bump on the outside of the hull where the repair exists. Neither of these solutions is very desirable.

With a thicker cored laminate the entire repair can be completed from outside the hull, the thickness of the core allowing you to fully taper out the repair fiberglass for maximum strength. This allows repairs to be complete quicker and more successfully.

Of course, a full repair is only required if the collision is substantial enough to penetrate both fiberglass skins on either side of the core. More often the case, however, only the outer skin will be punctured, which means the boat can continue to be used (without leaking) until there is adequate time to complete the repair. Also, the repair can often be successfully made with a small amount of thickened and toughened resin.