With the recent resurgence of hype surrounding the America's Cup, there's been an increasing interest in catamarans in young sailors. Traditionally, entry-level sailors have been trained on small monohull boats to prepare them for upgrading to skiffs and keelboats. Today, young sailors are often graduating into catamarans such as F-18's and A-Cats. While the fundamentals of sailing still apply, there are enough differences between sailing a catamaran and sailing a monohull to warrant a suitable training platform at a younger age. What we've created is the missing link in the world of sport sailing.

The MicroKat is a small training catamaran that behaves like its larger counterparts. It has a custom-designed sail plan, retractable daggerboards, high-aspect foils, and a modern design. Light yet durable, easy to rig, ergonomic to sail, and completely modular in construction for quick repairs make the MicroKat the perfect entry-level catamaran for junior sailors.