Repairs & Fleet Maintenance

At the root of every composites company is the ability to repair weak and damaged structures. Whitecap Composites is currently responsible for regular maintenance on various yacht club and collegiate boats as well as being the point of contact for various one-design racing classes. Our attention to detail and sympathy towards the need for precise and durable repairs means that our repairs will be discreet and comparable to the laminate schedules throughout the rest of the structure.

Contract Manufacturing

Because of our superior manufacturing techniques and fast and reliable processing times, Whitecap Composites has been sought out and utilized by other companies with composite needs. Whether looking to improve the durability of your composite structures, take weight out of your parts without sacrificing strength, or to increase their useful lives, we have solutions. Through sophisticated modeling software we are able to determine accurate laminate schedules to fit your needs.

We view all of our clients as partners rather than customers. This relationship improves communication between companies, ensuring that all needs are met quickly and accurately and that the products we deliver will meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Custom Fabrication

Whitecap Composites is well equipped to handle custom fabrication projects of an array of scales. Whether you’re looking to modify an existing structure, or are looking to build a one-off project based on architectural drawings, we are here to support you. Experienced carpenters and laminators ensure an efficient and extraordinary build process.

Mold Construction

A finished composite part will only reach the level of quality dictated by the mold in which it’s laminated. Consequently it is critical that the mold be of the highest quality. A high quality mold can remain in service for hundreds of laminate cycles before requiring any refinishing or repair. Whitecap Composites’ skilled laminators pride themselves on creating stiff, stable, and highly polished molds, which ultimately ease future part lamination.

In addition to new mold manufacturing, Whitecap Composites is also frequently asked to assist in the refinishing of existing molds. In such instances the existing surface is abraded and a new surface applied. We utilize the highest quality vinyl-ester and epoxy finished to ensure maximum durability. This new surface is then polished to a glass like texture, and fully sealed and waxed before being placed back in into production.