Turbo Firefly


Designed in 1946 by Uffa Fox, the Firefly was originally built out of wood as a one design single or double handed sailboat. The hull shape handled both light and heavy crew remarkably well, which made it popular in all age groups, ultimately leading to its popularity in the UK and being chosen as an Olympic Class. This popularity helped to grow the class not only as a collegiate and club boat, but also as a preferred team racing boat.

The Turbo Firefly made by Whitecap Composites uses the same hull shape created by Uffa, but with modern infusion construction to ensure durable, light weight, and maintenance free boats. These boats are used by collegiate programs looking for a less weight sensitive sailing dinghy, or by team racing programs. The round hull shape combined with a bendy loose rig and a higher boom with gnav vang make it easy for heavier crews to remain competitive with lighter teams even in light winds. A set of reef points allow safe and competitive sailing in very strong winds.