Turbo FJ


Originally designed as a training dinghy for the Olympics, the FJ is ideal for teaching youth sailors boat handling and racing skills. Consequently, it has become one of the most popular training boats for US collegiate and scholastic programs. An FJ has much tighter tacking angles and loses less speed in a tack than a 420. Responsive tacking and the desire to teach feathering skills has made the FJ the most popular dinghy used for these markets today.

The Turbo FJ made by Whitecap Composites incorporates the same hull shape and similar cockpit configuration to ensure familiarity, but with improved ergonomics for both skipper and crew. Like all other Whitecap boats, it is fully cored and infused to ensure a long and problem free working life, with the added benefit of weighing less for a livelier feel. Care was taken when reducing weight to ensure an identical center of gravity to the existing FJs. Corrector weight bags may be added to the mast step and inside the transom to replicate that non-responsive feel of the other FJs.